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Miss Nessa

Samantha is, once again, super proud of Vanessa, one of her past pupils. Not only did Vanessa return to her dancing after university, but she also juggle this with a very demanding teaching job and like Miss Lauren, Samantha also scarily remembers Miss Nessa as a Mickey Mouse at a very early age.

Vanessa has been dancing at the school for over twenty years, having passed many exams in Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Modern, Vanessa was involved in many of S J Dance shows herself, as a child, along with helping younger pupils before leaving for university  to study Primary Teaching and Special Needs in which she achieved a first class degree. Vanessa continued her dancing throughout university and also set up, and was president of the Body Conditioning and Lyrical Dance Society in Lancaster.

Having been drawn to Zumba dance and enjoying the class whenever she returned from university, upon completing her degree Vanessa completed numerous Zumba qualifications in order to teach Zumba at the dance school. Vanessa has been back teaching various classes at the dance school for a number of years and loves teaching both adults and children alike.

Alongside teaching at the dance school, Vanessa has taught at mainstream schools and is now a full-time teacher in a school for children with special educational needs and disabilities. Vanessa is trained in Makaton, Singalong and British Sign Language and has been excited to teach some of the students sign language for use in the shows.

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